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Kashmir Pashmina Cashmere – Welcome to the world of most luxurious, thinnest and most insulating fabric and fiber on the earth. Kashmir pashmina or Cashmere in old western world of 17th century has history of  800 years in luxury fashion industry.its yarn history dates back to 300 BC.

GI labeled Kashmir Pashmins or GI Stamped Cashmere is world’s most luxurious natural fabric and fiber with Geographical Indication Labeled (GI). The finished and ready to wear products of this fabric are not only used for winter fashion but for the whole year as an ultra-luxury fashion wear. ‘Kashmir Pashmina’ is entirely different product from all luxury high end fashion wears on this blue planet.

Godfather of All Brands.

I personally call it ‘Godfather of All Brands’ or ‘The Brand, When There Was no Brand’. It has always remained the prestige of world famous magazines, journals, reports, documentaries and news papers and does not need any story for publicity. The history of it yarn creation dates back to around 300 BC, and has 800 years times period in luxury fashion industry. ‘Kashmir Pashmina’ fiber is also knows as  ‘The King of All Fibers”. It is instilled in the hearts of royal families of Asia and Europe from last 400 years – so called the ‘The Fabric of Royals”. Several paintings in world museums tells its long and mind blowing story how it became the part of international treaties so I call it the “Fabric which Talks”.

Every Pashmina is Cashmere, But every Cashmere is not Pashmina”. I would like to share amazing and important information about this fabric/fiber or its “ready to wear” accessories. Indeed people do not know that ‘Cashmere’ is basically word ‘Kashmiri’ which means ‘from Kashmir.’

Luxury is timeless

Luxury is timeless and classic, where as fashion is ephemeral and transient. Admired by the Mughal Kings to the Queens of British Empire; worn lavishly by some of the richest persons like Rothschild of this planet – Pashmina. Yes, that is “Kashmir Pashmina we are talking about. This product was confined to nobles and elite class of the world. It will indeed bring great charm in your prestigious store/boutique. In this regard I would like to upraise that this product has gone through the test of times from past 800 years.

GI Kashmir Pashmina fabric is the worlds only natural/organic fabric which comes under the Geographical Indication (GI) Category under TRIPS Agreement of 1994 (WTO). Every finished product in form of shawls, stoles, mufflers, caps, blazers, warmers, scarves etc are GI labeled after purity testing (as per GI Standards) at Craft Development Institute (CDI) Srinagar, Kashmir India. Each pashmina product is unique and comes under the fair trade. Women folk of Kashmir are the only persons who can convert fine fiber into then yarn. 100% hand-spun, hand-woven with 12-16 micron fiber diameter are woven only on Traditional loom (NOT Hand-loom). It is the only product of whole luxury fashion industry which can be tracked online on government website after purity testing through unique GI Number on the GI Label of every product.

Beware of Fake pashmina or Cashmere

As fake pashmina ( or fake cashmere) has been loaded into the market because of its surprising demand, the GI Stamping of genuine pashmina (or in other words original cashmere) has been started from 2014.

Today very few ultra-luxury stores of the world carry it on their shelves which takes heart of customers. Our team of young entrepreneurs and under-privileged artisans, who have been hit so hard because of turmoil in Kashmir, is the only team in the whole world who have worked so hard on creating the Geographical Indication (GI) Standard products since 2014. Our team has the dedicated work force of more than 2000 genuine pashmina artisans (spinners and weavers)living in bad situation because of ultra modernization.

Ripe Time to Buy From Genuine Pashmina Sellers.

It is the ripe time to have this ultra-luxury Geographical Indication (GI) product in the store as we are in process of discovering some chosen stores/boutiques like yours around the globe for selling. We do not want this product to be at-least in 1 Square Km of radius in any department or boutique after reaching an agreement with prestigious buyers like you. And our customer service is always amazing and there will be no compromise on quality, handling, shipping and service on our side.

We Can Help.

We will present genuine price because of fair trade and our mission to save this centuries old art. We can provide you finished product in form of shawls, scarves, wraps, mufflers, caps, warmers, ties, blazers, baby blankets etc or even fabric or as per your requirement for both men, women and kids. Even we will provide amazing marketing tips for your own high grade marketing  and do our best to keep marketing level high on our side.

Your Company can even put own private company tag name on the products as it is already GI branded product. Our utmost aim is to save this 800 year old luxury fashion industry and not to re-brand the ‘God of All brands’.

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