About Us

Saving The Art Which Dates Back To 300 BC Without Middleman-ship.

We are Humans, and have love, emotions, morality in our creation. As an intelligent creation- the homo have tendency towards its nature of creation, i.e we have love for HANDICRAFTS as we have been created by the talented HANDS of our Master Artist – our Creator.

Our company Solomon International has motto – “Save Handmade – Save Humanity’’, with energizing centuries old handicraft industry. The goal is to bring genuine and worlds most luxurious, Geographical Indication (GI) labeled ‘Kashmir Pashmina’, fabric and its products into the international market without any middleman-ship, so that our fellow beings can feel the luxuriousness of the best creation of the fabric world where history dates back to 300 B.C. The company provides world’s best, 100% Counterfeit, animal friendly, sustainable natural fabric and products which can be tracked online through unique GI number via Government of J&K website to our customers. Every product is 100% hand-spun, Handwoven Luxurious product using centuries old traditional processes(woven on Traditional looms NOT on Hand-loom).

As the Kashmir is going through one of the worst period since its existence due to ongoing turmoil the centuries old handicraft industry has gone down to the bottom. Kashmir used to be hub of western tourists but got converted into the most militarized zone on the earth. So the principal purpose is to help dying art and artisans where company pays 10% of the profit for the economic stability of artisan’s family and directly works with the GI registered pashmina artisans to save this great art and craft..

The company also provide the fabric material in certain bulk and can do the customization and designing of the products as per the wishes and requirements of the customers.

The company is registered in Toronto, Canada. And its G.I registered spinning and weaving artisans are located in the original land of pashmina (Cashmere) Kashmir, India.


Solomon International, The Arts & Crafts Toronto Canada and Yinder Pashmina Kashmir was established on 2014 when the first Geographical Indication stamp was sealed on the first ‘Kashmir Pashmina’ scarf after the great efforts of TAHAFUZ, a society of Kashmiri artisans and Craft Development Institute (CDI), Department of Handicraft, Jammu and Kashmir. The CDI & TAHAFUZ are two registered proprietors of the Kashmir Pashmina GI. Both are actively involved with it’s enforcement through monitoring the quality standards of genuine, handmade Kashmir Pashmina.

Today we are the team of young entrepreneurs and ‘Kashmir Pashmina’ traditional weavers who have passion for this greatest product of fashion industry, and support to keep this natural 2300 year old craft alive.

The history of bringing this product into the national and international market is to cut middleman-ship which pays very less to the local artisans by which this art and craft is at stake and living conditions of great artisans are deteriorating day by day. Also machine made and fake market has destroyed the original market.

The Story of Artisans & Entrepreneurs.

Grown up in the beautiful vale of Kashmir – The origin land of pashmina (Cashmere) surrounded by lofty mountain of greater Himalaya – three friends Imtiyaz Ali Zahidani, Showkat Hussain Mir and Imtiyaz Ahmad Mir decided to do something for this dying art which has provided world the most luxurious and costliest fashion products. Imtiyaz Zahidani completed his Masters Degree in International Law and Criminal Justice in UEL London in 2008. He has worked in International Criminal Court as a techno-legal intern and has an assignment of coordinator for the ‘Establishment of International Tribunals’ in the IACA . Imtiyaz Zahidani also works as a volunteer in different international humanitarian organizations.He provides moral and physical support to his friends to achieve the goal. Since childhood as a friend to original pashmina weavers, Imtiyaz Zahidani always watched how hard work local artisans do to create a single original pashmina product, and then how much they get paid at last. Then Imtiyaz Zahidani forced his friend Imtiyaz Ahmad Mir, who is a skills development trainer  by profession and has completed his Masters degree in Biotechnology, to do something for this dying centuries old art. Imtiyaz Ahmad Mir also knows weaving by blood as his forefathers were Kashmir Pashmina weavers since centuries. His father also owns a wheel or charkha (Yendar) used in spinning process of pashmina fiber which was gifted to his father by Maharaja Hari Singh – the Jammu and Kashmir ruler whose forefather Maharaja Gulab Singh bought Kashmir for 75 Lakhs rupees from British Empire in the ‘Treaty of Amritsar’ of 1846. Imtiyaz Hussain Mir manages the company with other team members.

Showkat Hussain Mir is a pashmina weaver by profession since he finished his studies in 2000. He is actively involved with other professional pashmina weavers like Rouf Ahmad who sacrificed their time and money for the Geographical Indication stamping of the ‘Kashmir Pashmina’, and still fighting to bring the original products into the national and international market.

Our master professional team includes Mr Mohammad Shafi and Rouf Ahmad who are in this field from last 40 years. Both of them have seen several ups and downs of this industry. They provide the team with their extensive experience, knowledge and active engagement with other pashmina artisans.