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What is Luxury?

The Story of Most Luxurious Fabric.

What makes luxury? Forbes reporter Laurer Sherman in her article ‘How – And How Not – To Sell Luxury’ explains that irrepairablity of the product makes it luxury. The uniqueness of a product, its history, quality and indeed human touch are few of the qualities of the luxurious products and its irrepairablity.

The authors of book “The Luxury Strategy: Break the Rule of Marketing to Build Luxury Brand” Kapferer and Bastien provides in-depth knowledge about the luxury market, its pricing, branding etc. They points out several important things of being luxurious in nature; First they argues that the ultimate luxury is be able to live beyond death, where they discusses how the collection of our grand or great grandparents are luxurious in nature; Second, that discusses why collecting items that elevate our status in society, and how buyers of luxury products are the most loyal customers; Third, how history of the product and luxury are related to each other; Forth, that how a company can keep its pace in world competing market by keeping prices on check and creating exceptional vintage; Fifth, marketing about giving the customer what they want before they know that they want it.

Kashmir Pashmina Has Gone Through Test of Time.

In the world of fashion, what is trendy today can become faux pas tomorrow. But those that stand the test of time, become immortalized, argues Sherya Dasgupta in his article in Asian Scientific Magzine. Kashmir Pashmina is one of the best example which is now immortalized and has stand the test of times. Made famously fashionable by French princess Empress Josephine of France (1763- 1814), who was gifted her first piece of Kashmir Pashmina Paisely shawl by her husband Napoleon, Kashmir Pashmina very quickly turned into a symbol of fashionable living across the Europe. It has since been a must-have for most fashion aficionados and t in the wardrobes of rich and royal families in the west since 18th century. E.g Empress Josephine of France had more than sixty paisley Kashmir Pashmia shawls.

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