GI Kids

Give Your Kid a Luxury Name – ‘GI Kid’

Right now we are creating the products for kids on order basis as we need exact sizes before creating an order. The reason behind the ordering system is that we do not want more wastage of this precious, most luxurious and costly fabric which has been creating after a pain staking processes of our great artisans.

Our products include especially warmers which can keep your kid hot from inside and easily saves your precious one from illnesses during winter and cold season. We create handmade sweaters, mufflers, small caps, gloves or if you want to have a jacket with inner lining of GI Kashmir pashmina we will be happy to deliver.

Try to provide us order in this format

Size Length Sleeve Chest width Waist width
1 38cm 33cm 31cm 30cm
2 40cm 36cm 35cm 34cm
3 42cm 38cm 37cm 36cm

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Showing all 1 result