Beige 12 Colour Full Strips Shawl.(Virgin Mary Design)



Colour:- Beige12 colour stripes . (Plain Design with fringes)
Size:- 40 x 80 Inches.
Fabric:- Kashmir Pashmina.
World Ranking:- Most luxurious and thinnest natural fiber.
Creation:- Hand-spun, Handwoven(Traditional Loom) and Hand-dyed.
Fiber Diameter:- 12 to 16 microns. (G.I Standard)
Fiber Collection:- Changthangi Pashmina goat above 12000 feets sea level.
No of Fibers in Hand-spun Cross-section Yarn:- 23 to 48
Authenticity:- Geographical Indication Tracking No “65VZ ZFL2”.
Product Testing:- Craft Development Institute (CDI) Srinagar.
Care:- Dry Clean or Luke warm water wash


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Geographical Indication of Kashmir Pashmina

The pashmina products on this website are Geographical Indication Marked products under the Geographical Indication Goods Act of India(1999) under WTO. All are woven through more than 1000 years old weaving process. The authenticity of product can be tracked online at the website of ‘Craft Development Institute’, Department of Handicraft, Government of Jammu and Kashmir, India.

Click here to authenticate the label/G.I Number on the G.I Stamp of the product:

G.I Number on the each product changes because every product, even of same colour/length/design/creator, goes through quality testing and gets unique G.I Number.

The artisans who create original ‘Kashmir Pashmina’ products are registered under the G.I Authority of India and Department of Handicraft, Government of Jammu and Kashmir.

To know more about Geographical Indication marking of ‘Kashmir Pashmina’, follow this link:

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Re-sale of Kashmir Pashmina

Kashmir Pashmina is also known as the soft gold so it can re re-sold. The product can be re-soled through our website free of cost or by the company (Terms and Conditions apply). Please contact us for more information and how to resale your Pashmir Kashmina.

Return and shipping Policy

We will be happy to send a sample piece to our wholesale or retail customers free of cost before buying the full Kashmir Pashmina product. For USA/Canada and Indian Sub-Continent return or exchange is free of cost if any defect or problem is found in the product.