Black White Kashmir Hand Embroidered Floral Jacket


Kashmir hand embroidery has remained one of the main arts which has evolved over centuries with influence from many cultures. This art helps young traditional artisans to grow & helps in  women empowerment in world’s most militarized zone. 

Colour –  Black & White Kashmiri Embroidered Silk Jacket

Fabric –  Poly-Silk (or Customize it into any other fabric – charges apply)

Size  –  S/M/L

Made –  Kashmiri Hand made

Motif –  Traditional Floral Kashmir

Shipping – 12 to 20 days

Combination –  Pair it with pant, Kashmir hand-embroidered bag or GI Kashmir Pashmina stole/shawl

Care –   Dry Clean or luke warm water easy wash

Customization – You can customize Kashmir hand embroidered jacket or coat as per your design, fabric material and size. Our team artisan will create it for you within days.


Black White Kashmir Hand Embroidered Floral Jacket – The history of Kashmir valley dates back to New Stone Age (Neo-lithic Age) around 3000 BC. The past of capital city Srinagar goes to 400 BC which is also the birth place of world’s most luxurious fabric/fiber  – “Pashmina” or westerners called “Cashmere”. The land is known for other world famous arts and crafts especially hand embroidery, paper mache, carpet weaving, walnut carving and the list goes on.
Kashmir Hand-embroidery, locally known as Aari work or Kashida is a Persian word which means embroidery or drawing. It has remained one of the main arts which has evolved over centuries with influence from many cultures especially Persians and Turks. The Aari work is nowadays found only in Kashmir and the Kashmiri artisans are only ones who have ability to carve beautiful master pieces.  They haven’t been to any design school but have ability to challenge any designer  through their amazing artisan qualities which they have learnt from generation to generation from centuries.
This product is an artistic unification of old Kashmiri tradition and western fashion trends, designed and made by Kashmiri traditional artisans. The product category is used by top celebrities and politician around the world. The embroidery is done using woolen threads. The base fabric can be pashmina, wool, mulberry silk, cotton etc dependent on the choice and taste of a customer. The embroidery on this poly-silk coat reflects the affluence of the traditional Kashmiri work. It has pockets on two sides. Pair it up with a pant and GI Kashmir Pashmina, and feel the warmth of the high end luxury products.


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Return and shipping Policy

We will be happy to send a sample piece to our wholesale or retail customers free of cost before buying the full Kashmir Pashmina product. For USA/Canada and Indian Sub-Continent return or exchange is free of cost if any defect or problem is found in the product.