GI Kashmir Pashmina Turquoise Shawl


The GI Kashmir Pashmina products are made after very hard work by the artisans who dedicate their eye sight to these products. It is not just a product which has been made as a hobby, But it provides their underprivileged families food and shelter so that they can live at-least their basic human life and educate their kids. Every Kashmir Pashmina product provides lively-hood to those family who have been orphaned by natural deaths or the ongoing turmoil in Kashmir, where the mother is only source of income in a family. So this art and craft saves a family of going astray by earning through legal means, and saves their dignity and honor.

The ‘Kashmir Pashmina’ is the ONLY genuine pashmina OR western world’s so called Cashmere.  It is among the list of 111 fashion accessories, displayed after 70 years by the Museum of Modern Art (MOMU) NY, which has not been changed since two centuries, and has influenced  the modern fashion. The Travelers of 17th century called it Cashmere and in Indian Subcontinent it was called Pashmina. Today every genuine ‘Pashmina’ is ‘Cashmere’ but every ‘Cashmere’ is NOT genuine ‘Pashmina’. Its yarn history goes beyond 2000 years . The fiber is thinnest, most light weight and most insulating luxurious natural product on the earth.

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GI Kashmir Pashmina Turquoise Shawl

Colour:- Full Turquoise genuine Cashmere

Size:-  40 x 80 Inches (100 x 200 cm)

Fabric:- Plain Geographical Indication Stamped Kashmir Pashmina (Cashmere).

World Ranking:- Most Luxurious, Insulating and Thinnest natural fiber.

Creation:- Hand-spun, Handwoven(Traditional Loom) and Hand-dyed.

Fiber Diameter:- 12 to 16 microns. (G.I Standard)

Fiber Collection:- Changthangi Pashmina goat above 13000 feets sea level.

No of Fibers in Hand-spun Cross-section Yarn:- 23 to 48.

Authenticity:- Geographical Indication Tracking No “8295KL2D”.

Approximate  Time of Creation:-  12 – 15 DAYS

Product GI Testing:- Craft Development Institute (CDI) Srinagar.

Care:- Dry Clean or Luke warm water wash. More info VISIT


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We will be happy to send a sample piece to our wholesale or retail customers free of cost before buying the full Kashmir Pashmina product. For USA/Canada and Indian Sub-Continent return or exchange is free of cost if any defect or problem is found in the product.