Kashmiri Hand Made Dark Brown Leather Bag

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Customization:- These bags can be customized to any color & design of your choice.

Kashmiri embroidery has remained one of main arts which has evolved over centuries with influence from many cultures. This art helps in young artisans & women empowerment. 

Artisan: Mr. Bilal Ahmad

Dimension: L: 11 inch W: 4 inch, H: maximum 10 inch

Approximate time of Creation: 5 days

Closure: Zip

Color: Dark Brown

Material: Suede Halal leather

Inspiration: Bags in Style


Kashmiri Hand Made Dark Brown Leather Bag – By The Designers of 14th Century.

The valley of Kashmir is one of the most beautiful natural areas in the world. The Burzuhama Civilization in the district of Srinagar gives an idea of its great past which dates back to 3000 to 1000 BC. Surrounded by solid Himalayan mountains quite lakes and paddy fields; Poplars, Chinars (Maple) and Cypresses dominate the scene along with other trees like the walnut, almond, plum, apple and cherry.

Locally known as Aari work or Kashida – a Persian word which means embroidery or drawing. Kashmiri embroidery has remained one of main arts which has evolved over centuries with influence from many cultures. Designs have developed over time from the Persians, Turks and beyond. The color palettes compliment the four seasons, while the designs are inspired by science and art in nature. Work uses simple stitches such as the satin, stem, chain and long and short stitches and makes occasional use of the herringbone, button hole and darning stitches. The embroidery is essentially a harmonious blend of charming flowers, fruits etc.

Hand Embroidery in Kashmir flourished during Sultan Zain-ul-Aabideen (1420-1470 AD) who invited artists from Iran to train the local people into a wide range of crafts. Successive Kashmiri rulers continued to give encouragement to the workers. Outside rulers like Mughals boosted the art for  taxes and revenue purpose. This blessing, combined with the natural artistic aptitude of the people, gave a firm basis to the crafts which, through the centuries have flourished as a cottage industry producing objects of unmatched delicacy and elegance.

Today Kashmir is the only place where young artisans create hand embroidered leather bags in hundreds of designs by their beautiful hands. Bold, colorful, structured yet classy are the adjectives which describe this collection of Kashmiri embroidered bags.This exquisite collection includes duffle, slings and shoulder bags all made in 100% genuine Halal leather. Pair them with your casual wear to office and these bags will definitely stand out for themselves.

1 review for Kashmiri Hand Made Dark Brown Leather Bag

  1. Marika

    You do advertise beautiful products and therefore I also ordered a bag for my mum. Unfortunately it’s been nearly a month and after several emails I never heard back about the status of my order. Very disappointed about the lack of communication. Lost the trust completely.

    • imtiyaz

      Dear Marika, First we are sorry and have no words for that. You know Kashmir is under lockdown and was under curfew by Indian Government for more than 5 months since August 5th 2019. We are not still able to access internet there. Luckily I am now outside and can reply the quires from the customers. Hope you will understand our situation through which Kashmiris are going through.

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