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Switch To Natural Organic Fabric – GI Kashmir Pashmina

Reasons For Switching To Natural Fabric GI Kashmir Pashmina.

There are several reasons for switching to sustainable products in fashion and clothing industry. Enough good reasons are available while making switch to natural fabric GI Kashmir pashmina.

Social consciousness — ethical treatment of animals, protecting natural resources — is a big motivator. People are getting more concerned and active about the environment and animal friendly products. For example, according to the Bank Development Canada (BDC) 2013 report. The Business Development Report of BDC year 2013 states, “Three major phenomena are profoundly altering Canada’s commercial – landscape – advances in technology, changing demographics, and the 2007-08 global recession – providing fertile ground for the emergence of new consumer behaviors”, The Report has mentioned five emerging Canadian consumer behavior and one of them is ‘Health Manic’. This report also states than people are ready to pay extra money if they find their product eco-friendly or natural.

“Project GI Kashmir Pashmina”

As per the report of World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCDS) which includes top corporate companies like Coco-Cola, KPMG, P&G states, “There are now clear signs that consumption issues are increasingly of central concern to business…….”Leading businesses of the future will be those whose core business directly addresses global challenges……seeking to define its role in tomorrow’s society” to adapt “sustainable products” and “sustainable life style”.

As per the Nielsen online global survey in 2015, it was found that the customers are ready to pay extra for sustainable offering. It was found that the rise in the percentage of respondents aged 15 – 20, also known as Generation Z, who are willing to pay more for products and services that come from companies who are committed to positive social and environmental impact was also strong—up from 55% in 2014 to 72% in 2015.

Solomon International has kept all these consideration in front and started working on the Project which we call “Project GI Kashmir Pashmina”.  As per the research by universities it is found that with the increase in middle class group and more money in vast population has created excellent market for luxurious product in which Cashmere is on the top. So bringing real Kashmiri Pashmina ,which is at the top of list of all luxurious fibers/products on the earth, in the general international market, which was confined to the elite and rich class of the world.

Reasons For Switching Your Brands and Thinking

1- Natural fiber clothing is made from natural materials that have been used to make clothing for thousands of years.

2- Synthetic fabrics could be considered plastic fabric as it requires a numerous chemicals and solvents to create any type of synthetic fabric.

3- Natural fiber Kashmir Pashmina is world’s most luxurious and thinnest fiber and it’s fabric is most insulation fabric with amazing medical benefits especially for orthopedic patients.

4- GI Kashmir Pashmina is allergic proof , non toxic and animal friendly.The fiber collection is totally different from other wool fiber collection. As a delicate fiber, genuine pashmina fiber is obtained through combing process not by sheaving of the goat.

 Natural fiber clothing has a “natural” vibration

Do you remember from biology class that the atoms making up anything are always vibrating? Everything has a unique vibration. From each organ in your body to the chair in which you are sitting, everything resonates with a specific frequency.  Bruce Tainio, who build the first frequency monitor, found that a higher vibration correlates to better health – a concept that has been accepted for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. The idea of supporting the body’s vibration has been around for thousands of years in Eastern medicine, although it is newer in the Western world. Some people misinterpret this concept of vibrational medicine as woo-woo or a religious concept. It is neither – this is purely biology, and a biology that we are learning more and more about as our measurement technology improves. 

So it makes sense that our body “asks” for the more natural vibration of natural fibers rather than synthetic fibers.

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